Workshop: James Kroner

Workshop: James Kroner

I have recently attended James Kroner ( )painting workshop in London.
It was a 2 day workshop with a introduction the day before
The introduction/talk consisted about his art education and his journey, some of his view on art and his philosophy. He also showed in detail and explained his method/approach to painting.

Extra videos can be found in his youtube channel

Day 1 we went out to Battersea Square, London, and started with James giving a demo. He did spend his time looking around and a red shop front has caught his attention, he spent further time looking at his subject and thinking about how to frame/crop it for composition purposes.

He paints on panel primed with white acrylic gesso, the surface is very very smooth. For brushes he uses synthetic flat, much like watercolour brushes.
He starts to paint with generous amounts of turps and when drawing his shapes he takes time. Something i assumed based on his loose, blocky, brushy, loose looking painting style was that was painted fairly quickly. I was wrong. James really takes his time, observes his subject quite intensely, and draws within the turpy colored blocked shape just by moving paints and turps with his brush. Nothing is rushed, even what might look straight forwards simple shapes, he will approach with patience.

At this demo unfortunately and due to the nature of workshop James went for a round to help others with their paintings, not able to push his painting to a finish. Later when he went back to his painting, London graced us with heavy rain! End of day one.

Day 2 the weather did not improve, everyone was painting under their umbrella and this time we only painted outdoors for 3 hours. until become hard to continue. The rest of the day we carried on in the studio. Here James did another demo but this time from a photo, his approach was similar. When working from photos or from life James does seems to approach his subject with the same mentality, as he was working from life. Allowing him to achieve the same results as if he painted from life.

James would also come often around to give critics. In short, his major consistent points were always on value and edges. And think about how to use them to guide the viewers eye through the painting.

james kroner photo workshop photo

Looking forwards in seeing more of his work and what he does next. Do check his website for further info on workshops and exhibitions. )

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